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Robin Finally Lets Her People In

The inpatient unit where Robin was staying consisted of ten rooms with two beds per room, in a long hallway with a nurses’ station in the middle of the unit.  The nurses’ station was a room enclosed in shatterproof glass … Continue reading

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“I Hate Myself, I Hate My Life and I Want to Die.”

Robin’s “meltdown” led to a three week hospitalization.  I continued to be involved in her treatment even though this was not standard protocol at the agency.  Outpatient therapists usually turned the treatment over to the inpatient staff, while the psychiatrists … Continue reading


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“Are You Going to Ditch Me Now?”

  As a therapist to adult outpatients, often with significant and chronic symptoms, I did not make it a practice to visit clients in the hospital.  I always wanted them to know I was not the only person who could … Continue reading

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The Phone Call that Changed Everything

The story begins with a phone call one day from Robin.  She and I had been working together in therapy for almost ten years at that point.  She had almost never called me between sessions during that ten year period, … Continue reading

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