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“I’d Have to Accept a Whole New Identity.”

I had no idea how Robin would react to the news that I thought she was having a mixed bipolar episode.  I was very concerned.  If I was right about her diagnosis, this would confirm she was experiencing impaired impulse … Continue reading

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“I’m Going to Drink Until I Pass Out!”

I always knew Robin had anxiety in social situations.  She acknowledged it in our first session.  What became clear after her meltdown, however, was that she actually fit the criteria for what is known as Avoidant Personality Disorder.  People with … Continue reading


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“That’s Why I Thought You Would Ditch Me.”

I was baffled by what was happening with Robin.  I couldn’t understand why she kept feeling so awful and thinking so irrationally.  There was no clear explanation.  It did not make sense that her depression had been resistant to so … Continue reading

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Robin’s Thoughts About The Hospital

I slept very little the night before I was hospitalized and woke up exhausted.  I started drinking that day as soon as I got up.  I was drinking vodka and lemonade, my drink of choice, and listening to a CD … Continue reading

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