A Note to the Readers of “Despair to Deliverance”

Those who have been following our story know we were consistently posting for many months, and have not been consistently posting for the past few weeks.

Robin and I have both had life events interrupt our writing progress.  My mother-in-law, who just turned 93, lived with my husband and I for eleven years.  She began to show signs of dementia several years ago and has had several falls.  Although she was physically healthy, her balance and her cognitive abilities were becoming increasingly impaired.  My husband and I made the difficult decision to move her to a nursing facility in April 2014.   She was settling in, but then was suddenly hospitalized with pneumonia.  After a second hospitalization she was declared by doctors to be dying and was placed on Hospice.  Miraculously, several weeks later she has now fully recovered and is happily settled into the nursing home.  It has been a stressful, exhausting and uplifting experience to accompany her through this transition.

Robin has been going through a job transition which will be important for us to discuss later in our book.

We apologize to those who have been faithfully tuning in, looking for our next blog post.  We will be back soon to finish the story of Robin’s meltdown year.  Hopefully by next week we will be back on track.  Thanks to all for your patience and support.

Regarding Blog Awards:

Robin and I also want to thank everyone who has nominated us for various blog awards.  We are honored and grateful to be acknowledged and recognized.  Because our blog is a serial blog, focused on telling a serious story, we have decided not to interrupt the story by posting the various requirements of these awards.  We apologize if we have offended anyone who has nominated us.   Going forward, our blog should be considered “an award free blog.”  We always welcome comments and dialogue, as knowing the reactions of our readers, good or bad, is invaluable.  Thanks for your understanding.



About Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D.

Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D. completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Purdue University. She spent ten years doing full-time clinical practice at a community mental health center with primarily adults. She then spent eight years working as an administrator at that same community mental health center while continuing to maintain a small caseload of therapy clients. She now provides clinical services in long-term care facilities in addition to writing, consulting and spending as much time as possible with the people she loves.
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9 Responses to A Note to the Readers of “Despair to Deliverance”

  1. dyane says:

    Robin and Sharon, you and your families are in my prayers. Thank you for this update.

  2. suchled says:

    I’m glad your back in the world. Elderly parents need a lot of support. My mother-in-law can one day burst into tears when I walk in the room and the next day ask with a grin why I forgot to bring brandy.

  3. Like Dyane Harwood, your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I really enjoy reading your posts. It is good to know that there are people who understand. With such low self-esteem it can be difficult to put my words down and let it all out sometimes. I’ve been trying to cope with my illness and rebuild my life. I miss my independence so very much. I’ve lost so much in the past year and a half. I went from being a full-time manager, a college student, a good friend, an independent 18 year old to a jobless,friendless, co-dependent, isolated, hopeless wreck. I do hope to get into an inpatient residental treatment soon though. Your blog has really helped me, thanks much ❤

    • I am so sorry to hear about the enormous losses you have had to endure because of your illness! Obviously you have some things in common with Robin. I hope you will keep reading as she will be writing soon about how she rebuilt her life. Take care of yourself!

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