Update for the Readers of Despair to Deliverance

I apologize for dropping off the radar for so long. The reality is, a lot has been happening apart from our attempts to finish our book. As I said in my last post, Robin actually moved to Florida! Anyone who read the story of her “Meltdown” year detailed on this blog, knows that Robin, historically, has been very stressed by change. So, in late February when she announced she was moving, I have to say I was shocked and a bit worried about how she would deal with the transition.

When the book is finally published it will detail how Robin got from where she was at the end of 2003 to where she is now, which is stable (eight years without a hospitalization) and happy with her life. But, stable here in the town where she grew up and has friends and family, and stable in a whole new state are two different things. I supported her decision to move, of course, because it is not up to me to interfere with Robin continuing on her own path. But, I was a bit concerned that all the changes would cause her to destabilize for the first time in a long time.

I am very pleased to report that Robin is moved, settled, has found a job and is doing well. Her “triumph” over her severe mental illness continues. I will continue to provide updates as things progress, especially after we get the book published.

As for me, I have not been very consistent about writing on my new blog. It has been a busy summer for me, mostly just working and having fun with my family and friends. For those of you who have been following my story and are interested, I had my second post-bladder cancer check-up a couple of weeks ago and continue to be cancer free…thank God!

Anyone who has been following my other blog (see the link on the upper right corner of this page) knows I have been dealing with the absurdity of car insurance companies. Wow, are there unbelievable things to report in terms of the process of trying to settle the claim from that car accident I experienced last December! I will be continuing that story on my other blog soon.

I want to thank those of you who still care about our book and are still waiting. We are just making sure it is as good as it can possibly be before we publish it. I hope it will be worth the wait!


About Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D.

Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D. completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Purdue University. She spent ten years doing full-time clinical practice at a community mental health center with primarily adults. She then spent eight years working as an administrator at that same community mental health center while continuing to maintain a small caseload of therapy clients. She now provides clinical services in long-term care facilities in addition to writing, consulting and spending as much time as possible with the people she loves.
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7 Responses to Update for the Readers of Despair to Deliverance

  1. bipolarbarbieq says:

    As always I’m doing all the cheer-leading I never did in high school right here for you through the internet.

    • Barbie–Thank you so much for this! I think you were one of our first followers! We are so grateful you are still here. Promise, the book will be published eventually. I’m going to start posting some excerpts from the second part soon. Just waiting for a couple of final readers to finish. Thanks for hanging in there with us!!

  2. dyane says:

    I love đź’—reading your updates, Sharon, and you never need to apologize for taking a while to let us know the latest! I get overwhelmed with bloggers who post daily (which makes me a hyporcrite since I used to do that) and I’d rather wait for a nice, meaty (or vegan-y) post like this one!

    It took my husband 6 & 1/2 years to co-write his book “Quest for Flight”, then it took a year for them to pitch it (agent-less), and a year to get the MS acccepted by University of Oklahoma and published. Awesome projects like his and yours take time!

    As for me, I started writing my book in 2007, so we’re talking a decade of cookin’! 🙀 But that timeframe is okay with me as long as the end product is good and helpful!

    I continue to be inspired by you and VERY proud of you, and you KNOW I’ll be buying your book & giving it 5 stars on Amazon & spreading the word!!!!!!

  3. Hi Sharon
    I’ve been remiss in following your new blog, so glad I stopped in for the reminder. I’m happy for Robin, it’s takes strength, self confidence and a great support system. My Therapist is much like you in she truly cares for me, I started seeing her 16 years ago. I am 52 and it occurs to me she will retire at some point, it does make you nervous if you let yourself think about. My Psychopharmacologist is working a few days a week, I’m blessed to have him as my doctor. I know he is the reason I’m alive. I would tell him….I look forward to the day when you and God are the only people who can take care of me. Less and less are taking their education to the next level as he did, the extra schooling must me difficult. Being treatment resistant with Bipolar can take you on a crazy ride. I’m battling Chronic Lyme Disease and Mental Illness. Taking a handful of addictive drugs gets to me at times. Xanax is a miracle drug until you go through withdraw. I’m is severe pain most days and the Xanax worked better than three of Lyme meds, needless to say I made the dreaded fatal mistake. In trying to cover my pain took to many and went through total withdraw, it’s been many years since the last withdraw and it gets so much harder the older I get and the strain on my marriage is tough. He’s helped me through many hospitalizations, for the past two years taking care of 100% of everything while I go thru the gates of hell.
    Sometimes I wonder if there are stats on women vs men as caregivers? He was pushed over the edge with my withdraw and like any marriage it leaves a scar.
    I look forward to the book and reading your new blog. Take are of yourself, Bladder Cancer is tough…my gramps battled Bladder Cancer for years, his doctors let us down in his final years. I learned so much about caregiving for a 92 year old man, who had the strongest will to live and do it one his terms.
    Reading my comments you can tell my Therapist appt can’t come soon enough.
    Lyme has taken a large part of my memory….you will understand why the sentences or words used don’t make sense. My brain is what I pray for most.
    Be easy on yourself.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and for being such a loyal follower. I had a friend whose daughter has battled Lyme disease for many years…many ups and downs. I can’t imagine dealing with that as well as mental illness. I wish you the best! Thanks for following my new blog. Am working on my next post!

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