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When our book was first published, I spent quite a bit of time trying to promote it on-line. One of the methods I used was to contact book reviewers and ask them to review our book.

One of the reviewers who kindly agreed to do so, was Jeyran Main, whose blog “Review Tales” is wonderful. Here’s a link to her review of our book on her website:

Jeyran Main’s Review of Our Book on Review Tales

Robin and I were thrilled with her review, and grateful to her for taking the time to write it, and to post it on Amazon. But, as I have said, promoting the book has not been a recent focus as I am working on new ways of getting the word out about it.

So imagine my surprise and delight when, about a month ago, Jeyran Main contacted me and asked if I wanted to be a guest host on her website on a monthly basis! I jumped at the chance. I will be writing short blog posts about topics related to mental illness. Here is the link to the first of these posts, which was just published on “Review Tales:”

You May Have Depression and Not Know It

I am going to publish the articles on our blog as well. I’m happy to be able to continue to help decrease the stigma!



About Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D.

Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D. completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Purdue University. She spent ten years doing full-time clinical practice at a community mental health center with primarily adults. She then spent eight years working as an administrator at that same community mental health center while continuing to maintain a small caseload of therapy clients. She now provides clinical services in long-term care facilities in addition to writing, consulting and spending as much time as possible with the people she loves.
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