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Robin is an intelligent, funny, caring and likable person who also happens to experience significant symptoms of mental illness. She completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Indiana University. She worked full-time in the mental health field for many years in different capacities including as a psychiatric technician on child and adolescent residential units, supervising a group home, and working as a case manager at a community mental health center. She now works part-time, enjoys watching sports and reading, and spending time with her family.

Robin Settles in Florida–Conclusion

One issue I haven’t touched on yet that I probably should is tanning. People may wonder why someone like me, with my tanning OCD issues and history of basal cell carcinoma, would move to Florida. I did though, and I’m … Continue reading

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Robin Settles in Florida–Part Two

In August of last year, I finally got a new job after nearly a year of looking. I was hired as a cashier at a local Goodwill store. I’ve never been a retail cashier, but I have worked at Goodwill … Continue reading

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Robin Settles in Florida–Part One

It’s been nearly two years since my mom and I moved to central Florida, and for the most part it’s been a smooth transition. We were able to take care of most of the changes in the first month, with … Continue reading

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“Sharon, I Have Something to Tell You.”

At the time Sharon and I finished writing our book together, my life was stable and I was content. My mom and I had been living together for almost eight years and had settled into a routine that worked well … Continue reading

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Robin’s Thoughts on Rock Bottom

It was a horrible six months for me at the start of 2003. I had a major psychiatric Meltdown, was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital for the first time, went on short-term disability, was diagnosed with a severe and chronic … Continue reading

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Robin Discusses Her World View

Prior to and during my Meltdown year, if I had been asked directly about my religious beliefs I would have identified myself as agnostic. My dad attended the Methodist Church while he was a child, and I was baptized in … Continue reading

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